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TUTOR tablet software for microplates 


PRISMA Tutor is the new tool to assist the technicians of the diagnostic labs in the manual preparation of tests based on 96 or 384 wells microplates.


This system is useful to standardize the manual methods that the lab technician does not want to perform on an automatic processor without renouncing to the possibility to have a traceable method procedure.


It is completely compatible with every Laboratory Information Software thanks to a rational and simple connection procedure.


PRISMA Tutor works on an Android environment pre-installed in a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 commercial tablet.





With PRISMA Tutor you can:


  • Draw your pipetting plans or prepare them automatically, saving the pipetting plans as print-ready pdf files.
  • Remember the way you created your pipetting plan and illuminating the wells on the plate according to the pipetting plan you created

  • Support multichannel pipetting, pipetting of replicates, optimize reagent/sample distribution and randomize plates.
  • Document your manual preparation work: save pipetting plans, re-use them, modify them, or export them to a graphical pdf for your lab book.
  • Standardize the works equally precise for different kinds of plates i.e. 384 well, 96 well, deep well, strips, etc.
  • Can create a library of method applications
  • With the use of a dedicated foot-switch, you can work hands-free focusing only on the pipetting procedures.

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