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Molecular diagnostics is gaining a fundamental role in every field, form biomedicine to environment control.  A growing demand is on for food quality and safety. Molecular diagnostics is increasingly used in a number of field: for a rapid and specific identification of pathogens in food, for food quality and traceability, for veterinary diagnostics, and for genetics-based breeding and zootechnics.

Aware of the growing demand in these fields, ImmunoSpark offers a broad range of molecular diagnostics kits for infectious and genetic diseases of pets and livestock, for food pathogens detection, and for environmental monitoring.

Our kits are available either in Real Time PCR format or in more conventional Gel or strip based assays, offering convenient options for different settings and analytical need.

In veterinary medicine molecular diagnostics is also providing cues to infectious and inherited diseases. Also, genetically – determined traits, either qualitative or quantitative, can be defined and identified, which are important in zootechnics for selecting desiderable traits or for molecular traceability of foodstuff.

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