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Is-k Immunology POC closed system


Is-k is the new analytical POC closed system based on immunochromatographic enhanced technology. It is designed to work wireless for on-field activities as well as in normal laboratory routines. 

Is-k can work connected continuosly to the LIS or at the end of the day after having completed the on-field activity.


Technical specifications 


Optical unit                 CCD Camera

User                           Professional staff, mobile and clinical usage

Dimensions                 210 mm x 130 mm x 50/70 mm (LxWxH)

Weight                        ca. 800 g

Display                       4.3” TFT graphic display

Keypad                       10 numeric keys, 5 funciton keys

Measuring time           15 sec/sampling

Calibration                  through SD card

Memory                      integrated flash-ROM

Memory capacity        > 1000 patient data files

Interface                     USB port

                                 D-sub socket (for printer)

                                 SD card slot

                                 Connection to hospital information systems (HIS) via HL7

Battery life                  8 hours

Download the Is-k USER MANUAL

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