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BSD Microelectronic punchers 


DBS e Punchers

DBS (Dried Blood Spot) is a sampling method of biological material where the blood is withdrawn and directly dried on a paper filter. the dried samples can be easily sent to a clinical laboratory where thay can be tested with several technologies, like PCR, ELISA or HPLC.

It is commonly used for the neonatal screening thanks to the fact that it does not need a big amount of blood but it is actually also applied to laboratory routines for the cost effective sample shipment modality.

The specific sampling method allows  POINT OF CARE approach also for non-routinary tests, that can be performed in centralized laboratories that receive the paper filter samples with the dried blood on.

In the lab that receives the sample, an equipment called Puncher obliterate the paper producing a circle that is automatically put in a sample container like a tube or a microplate, disposed for elution with a proper diluent. The result of the elution is used for performing the test.

For manual diagnostic routines, we suggest the association of the Punchers from Microelectronic with our system PRISMA Tutor for the manual standardized preparation of 96 and 384 wells microplates.

BSD100 features

With BSD100 is possible:

- to accomodate a range of standard punch sizes for compatibility with existing validated laboratory   procedures.

- to deliver the flexibility required to meet the processing challenges of modern clinical laboratories.

- to replace quickly and easily the punch with the ordinary routine of an lab operator, also for           changing the size of the punch and for cleaning purposes.

- to minimize the downtime of your lab.

- to ensure that the punched disk is delivered to the correct receiving well for downstream    

  processing, and to reduce the chances of well jumping thanks to a low pressure and anti-static  


- to minimize the cross-contamination issues.

- to deliver the punches in microplate wells as well as in standard sample tubes.



Several optional adds on are available to improve the BSD100 system like: Light targeting system, Dual punch, dust extraction unit, card and plates barcode reader and the auto-trigger card recognizer.


BSD600 DUET features

The BSD600 Duet incorporates the optional features of the BSD100 to deliver a completely integrated solution:

- Dual punch system.

- Integrated targeting light.

- Multiple strike function (up to 6 disks can be punched at the same time).

- Auto trigger system for automatic reognizing of the card.

- Disk detector system (for secundary passing through verification procedure).

- Low pressure and anti-static unit.

- Punch cleaning system.

- Dust extraction unit.

- Built-in barcode reader for automatic and positive recognition of controls, standards, plates and



Ideal for the following application:

- Forensic

- DNA databanking&Biobanking

- Paternity testing

- Molecular diagnostics and pharmagogenomics

- Neonatal screening

- Animal/plant breeding

- Transfusion medicine

- Pharmaceutical and pharmacocinetics

- Agriculture/food

- Academic&industrial research and development programs

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