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ASIRANS08 biological transportation system


ASIRANS08 is the new pre-analytical module for temperature controlled procedures in which is needed the transportation of the biological material.

ASIRANS08 ensure the Temperature conditioning for all the samples and biological material that must be kept at a temperature around the 37°C for diagnostic, as well as hospital and treatment purposes.

This system is fundamental to optimize the execution of the following (examples of) diagnostic tests:


  • Crioglobulines for linfoproliferative and autoimmune diseases;

  • Crioaglutinines (for the infections of Mycoplasma pneumoniae);

  • Criofibrinogen (disorders of coagulation and inflammatory processes);

  • Platelet agregation; 

  • Quantiferon (Quantiferon-TB Gold); 

  • Spermogram;

  • Semen analysis for the assisted re production treatments;

  • Whooping cough;

  • Diphteria;

  • Anaysisi of Liquor and Hemoculture.


ASIRANS08 is also appliable for veterinary purposes.


It has an high battery charge duration and, being arrived at destination, allows to download the temperature track record on a normal Flash USB memory to trace all the procedure.


Technical specifications 


  • Capacity: 10 16mm tubes + 10 12mm tubes.

  • Temperature range: 35,0-39,0°C.

  • Incremental ratio: 0,1°C.

  • Battery charge duration: >12 ore a 38°C.

  • Power supply: BIVOLT 85 – 210Vca.

  • Weight: around 4 kg.

  • Size: 20X35 cm.

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